Dirk Vandaele studied violin at the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven where he had professors
Jozef Luyten and Bernadette Bracke as teachers. He played in the Helios-ensemble, Sinfonia
and the BRT-orchestra.
He further specialised in playing baroque violin and has been a permanent member of the
Il Fondamento baroque orchestra, lead by Paul Dombrecht, where he’s been the
concertmaster since 2001.
Dirk Vandaele has been performing concerts in Europe, Russia, the US, Japan, Canada,
Israel and has participated in many differing sound recordings (Il Fondamento, La
Pastorella, ensemble explorations, Helios-ensemble,…).
He studied Orchestra Conducting in 2012 and 2013 in Daniel Gazon’s class in the Royal
Conservatory of Mons.
As a conductor, he leads the symphonic orchestra of the Conservatory of Leuven, where he
also teaches chamber music.

Thomas Luks studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and obtained his first price in
Roel Dieltiens’ class. In the mean time, he took old music classes, taught by Paul
Dombrecht. He further perfected baroque cello, tutored by Lidewij Scheifes in Amsterdam,
as well as during his master classes where he had Bruno Cocset and others as teachers.
Thomas Luks is a member of La Chambre Philharmonique (Emmanuel Krivine) and
founding member of Il Fondamento (Paul Dombrecht).
He also participates in many ensembles in Belgium as well as abroad, such as Stradivaria,
Les Arts Florissants, Les Agrémens, Anima Eterna, Ricercar, La Petite Bande and Les
He performed concerts with these ensembles in Europe, Japan, the US and Canada, and he
participated in many CD recordings.
Furthermore, Thomas Luks plays in several chamber music groups (Il Gardellino, Bachplus,
…) and he can be heard regularly in theatre and dance productions (ensemble Leporello,
compagnie Ovaal, …)

Els Flement studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, coached by Chantal Bohets.
She has also a bachelor degree in musicology at the KU Leuven.
As she’s always been fascinated by the large spectrum of keyboard instruments, she
specifically set out to study the fortepiano, for which she obtained a masters degree in Jos
van Immerseel’s class at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.
Moreover, she took classes of harpsichord with Ewald Demeyere and had masterclasses with A. Lubimov, Menno Van Delft, among others.
Els performs on piano, harpsichord and especially fortepiano.
She teaches at the SAMWD in Lier and at the MA’GO in Antwerp. She plays as a soloist, as basso-continuo player and she participates in chamber music.
Els carefully chooses an instrument for each program, whereby she can regularly make use of her magnificent copy of a J.A. Stein-fortepiano by C. Kelecom.